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The ACT moves a step closer to cleaner air

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

For many clean air advocates - the announcement (via a media release on 24/8/2023) from the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) government that it will phase out wood heaters by 2045 was (dare we say it) a breath of fresh of air - which of course would be far fresher if the target date could be brought forward a few decades. The ACT is now one of the few jurisdictions in the world to make this commitment. The road to the phase out was a response to the report of the ACT Commissioner for Sustainability and Environment. The news has been welcomed in many quarters including from advocacy groups such as Clean Air Canberra and health and environment bodies including Asthma Australia, the Centre for Clean Air Tasmania and the ACT Conservation Council. The Canberra Times also ran a series of articles, one of which reported that 68% of readers supported the phase out. With the worst of the winter wood smoke (hopefully) behind us, and spring optimism in the air, now might be a good time to visit your MP (see our page with tips for visiting your MP) to encourage they follow the ACT lead. And be sure to follow us on facebook or twitter/X @AcampaignC for the lastest news.

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