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Image source: The Bay area - Spare the Air Campaign


This page provides links to groups/organisations, key reports and programs focused on wood smoke pollution.​

Community action groups and health organisations focused on air pollution

Twitter: Clear air activists around the world on twitter - search hashtags #woodsmoke #airpollution #Stopburningstuff #CleanAirNow

Community organisations focused on climate change and the impacts on health more broadly

  • Environmental Justice Australia is a non profit legal and advocacy organisation who work on environmental issues including air pollution.

  • World Health Organization -

  • Healthy Futures is a health workers and friends group campaigning on issues of clean air, clean energy and a safe and healthy climate - tackling climate change and fossil fuel pollution.

  • The Climate and Health Alliance is Australia’s peak body on climate and health. CAHA is a coalition of 90+ health and medical groups, academic and research institutions, health care service providers and unions - which has a focus broadly on the impacts of climate change on health.

  • There are of course many other groups campaigning on climate including Friend of the Earth, Greenpeace, Extinction Rebellion, Victorian Forest Alliance, School Strike for Climate, Neighbours United for Climate Action and so on.

Programs addressing wood smoke pollution

Key Australian reports and submissions

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